03/05/18 UPDATE: Please note that connecting to Facebook is now only possible for FB users who have more than 2000 likes or have pages managed by whitelisted apps. However, if you already have a connection this will remain uninterrupted. This is due to a change by Facebook which you can read about in their developer notes here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/pages/tabs

There is no other data that explains in more detail why this has occurred or what their plans are to address this in the future. It would seem that this move is connected to the recent breach in Facebook’s security and their approach to making the platform safer and more secure for their users. We apologise in the meantime for any inconvenience this causes our Sirvoy clients and we will update this article for future updates on the subject, once they become available. For more information on Facebook’s platform abuse crackdown see this link to their newsroom: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2018/03/cracking-down-on-platform-abuse/

In the meantime, you can still install the ”Book now button” and have guests linked to your webpage. Please follow these steps:

  1. On your Facebook page, click on ”Add a Button”.
  2. In the dropdown menu that opens, select ”Make a booking with you” > ”Book Now” > ”Next”.
  3. Select ”Link to website” and click ”Save” after entering your webpage url.

If you already have the Facebook App installed, it should work correctly. However, if you’re about to install it, please see the instructions further down.

With our Facebook App you can accept hotel bookings through your Facebook page. The bookings will end up in Sirvoy the same as when guests book through your hotel’s website.

  1. While you are logged in to Facebook, click this link and select where you want to add the ”Book Now” tab.
  2. Go to your Facebook page and you will see a new tab, named ”Book now”. Click the tab and take note of the displayed page ID.
  3. In Sirvoy, go to Settings -> Channels -> Facebook and click ”Edit”.
  4. Enter the page ID from the previous step.

Unfortunately Facebook does not support the displaying of apps on mobile devices; you can read more here.

You can adjust the fields for the Facebook booking engine in Sirvoy, under Settings -> Booking engine -> Adjust default fields, as the Facebook widget links to the same default booking engine as the one on your website.

Note: Your room types and room type duplicates can be sold on this platform. However, any room types classified as ”internal room type” in your settings will not be displayed.